What Music On hold and Message can do for you

Here at The Original On Hold Inc., we offer premium music on hold and messages that utilize on hold time to boost revenues, improve caller retention and enhance the caller experience. We even offer a risk free on hold message demo. Our custom music on hold & messaging services are fully accessible to all businesses with our budget-friendly pricing plans, as well as single, one-time message on hold recordings. In addition, we feature a full range of message on hold equipment solutions.

Plus whether for on-screen or online, our custom video production services, will also help you attract and influence audiences with compelling and engaging website video productions, corporate videos and commercial tv spots.

Introducing M.O.M

Message On hold Manager

Create new on hold message recordings fast - anytime, from anywhere!

  1. Choose any on hold message script in your account archive
  2. Easily edit your music on hold and messages with a few simple clicks
  3. Select new voice and music for your message on hold
  4. Download your new music on hold audio file and you're done!

See How it Works

Risk free On hold Message Demo

The Original On Hold makes getting your risk-free music on hold and message demo simple.

How our risk free on hold message demo works:

You provide some basic company info, and within 3 days we'll craft a custom on hold message script for you to approve using M.O.M our simple to use on-line message on hold approval system. Then you select the voice and music for your on hold recording. We then produce a custom on hold message demo for you to audition and evaluate. All Completely Risk-Free!

See How it Works


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