Marketing Tools to Engage Patients In Your Waiting Room

Woman in hospital waiting room

We’ve all been in the position where we’re sitting in a waiting room for longer than we’d like. With long waits comes unhappy patients and, sometimes, bad reviews! I mean, who likes to hang around in waiting rooms? No one’s enjoying themselves, the magazines are old news, the clock’s ticking but you’re not going anywhere.

Businesses are wasting an opportunity: waiting rooms are the perfect place to engage customers and patients. So how can you make the most of that wait time, make your patients happy and improve patient education?

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How On Hold Marketing Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost

On Hold Marketing Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost

What’s your biggest enemy in business? While you might be quick to think it’s your competition – you’re wrong! One of the biggest enemies for businesses is customer acquisition costs (CAC). It’s where the rubber meets the road as they say.

Customer Acquisition Cost, or CAC generally refers to sales and marketing costs that are incurred in the process of acquiring a customer. And, reducing this cost is an ongoing mission for any business that wants to survive and continue generating revenues.

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Why Hire a Video Marketing Company For Your Next Video Ad?

Why Hiring a Video Marketing Agency Will Get You a Better ROI

Whether you’re an attorney, a dentist, heavy equipment manufacturer, or eCommerce company, video marketing can boost your business. Why? Because video sits at the crossroads of two truths: it’s the medium that conveys the most information to consumers, and video is the medium that people prefer to consume.

If you’re planning to use video to grow your business, then one of the most difficult decisions you’re going to face is how to get those videos made.

You essentially have three major options:

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