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Business Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Our custom video production services include website videos, corporate business videos, product demos, TV commercial spots, and infomercials. Our creative production team can help you rapidly expand your business, attract more customers, and sell more with branded promotional videos.

Website Videos

With just mere seconds to capture and retain visitors, a custom web video will entertain, engage, connect, and capture the attention of your audience. Promote your products, services, or special offers faster and more effectively with video commercials. It's the next best thing to talking to your prospect face-to-face.

TV Commercial Spots

Think you can’t afford national broadcast quality TV commercial spots? Well, think again! We deliver professional TV commercial production services to businesses for an affordable price! Unlike the other guys, we don't do canned, and we don't do boring.

Customized Studio Sets

Spectacular Hollywood-style studio sets you just won’t see elsewhere. Glossy marble floors, huge triple plasma screen monitors, scrolling tickers and our spectacular network news and talk show formats. Each of our studio sets can be completely customized for your video.
  • Web Commercial Product Demo Video Web Commercial Product Demo Web Commercial Weight Loss System Video Web Commercial Weight Loss System Web Commercial Collision Repair Video Web Commercial Collision Repair  Web Commercial Business Services Video Web Commercial Business Services Web Commercial DirecTV Video Web Commercial DirecTV Web Commercial Furniture Manufacturer Video Web Commercial Furniture Manufacturer Web Commercial IT & Software Video Web Commercial IT & Software Web Commercial News Style Format Video Web Commercial News Style Format
  • TV Commercial Auto Dealer Video TV Commercial Auto Dealer TV Commercial Attorney Video TV Commercial Attorney TV Commercial Cellular Company Video TV Commercial Cellular Company TV Commercial Real Estate Video TV Commercial Real Estate Direct Response Infomercial Video Direct Response Infomercial Infomercial Suppliment Medical Product Video Infomercial Suppliment Medical Product Infomercial SteamSweep Video Infomercial SteamSweep Infomercial STEMTech Video Infomercial STEMTech
  • Product Demo Video 1 Product Demo Product Demo Video 2 Product Demo Product Demo Video 3 Product Demo Product Demo Video 4 Product Demo TV Show Review Format Video TV Show Review Format News Style Format Video 1 News Style Format News Style Format Video 2 News Style Format News Style Format Video 3 News Style Format
  • Studio Sets Video Studio Sets

Our Proven Approach


Each client’s vision, video production requirements and budget are as unique as their brand. That's why we conduct an in-depth “discovery session” to review your project scope and marketing goals to create a blueprint for success.


Our talented team of copywriters, video producers and editors understand your vision and deliver creative concepts that are on point! Our creative process includes custom copywriting, storyboarding, graphics, background music and more.

Actors & Studio Sets

Our rosters of professional actors are masters at the art of persuasion! They know exactly how to connect, engage and effectively delivery your message to your audience. Each of our gorgeous studio sets can be customized with images or footage for your video production.

We Get Things Done

From script to screen, we make the entire process simple. Not only do you get a high-quality custom video for an affordable price. But all you need to do is sit back, relax, and we’ll deliver your custom video in 2 weeks or less!

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What our clients had to say about us

Andre Guerrero, Ocean's Prime Steakhouse
Andre Guerrero
Ocean's Prime Steakhouse
"The Original On Hold made the process of adding on-hold advertising and in-store music and messaging a breeze! Always a great finished product and excellent service."
Dr. Stacey Albers, Vision Care Centers
Dr. Stacey Albers
Vision Care Centers
"Fantastic! Our centers were very impressed with the quality and creativity of your staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking to increase the professionalism of their business."
Bryan Davis, First University Credit Union
Bryan Davis
First University Credit Union
"I have to say we are very impressed with the customer service your company has shown on so many levels. Thank you for your attentive and prompt service."

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