Why Bad Caller Experiences Cost You More Than You Think!

A Bad Caller Experience Costs You More Than You Think

You want your customer to have a great experience. That’s a given.  But, marketers are dropping the ball in one key area of the customer experience: “the phone call” – and as a result, revenues are suffering. In fact, when you consider that according to call intelligence provider Invoca, calls convert at 10 times the rate of clicks, it should be clear that there’s an enormous opportunity to increase revenues by  improving the caller experience, and if you’re not investing in a positive caller experience, well then know that bad caller experiences are costing you – and BIG!

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Contractor Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Ideas

Contractor Video Marketing

Any type of contractor, whether it’s kitchen & bath remodeling,plumber, HVAC, landscaper or builder all know that in order for the job to turn out right, you have to have the right tools. So, then in order to build a successful contractor video marketing campaign, you must begin with the right tools. However in the day and age where the sophistication of web interactions is increasing it feels if contractor websites and marketing could be lulling behind.

So, with that said – here are our top tips, strategies and ideas to design and build a successful video marketing campaign for your contracting or home services business.

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FAQ’s for Adding Custom On Hold Music to VOIP Phones

FAQ's for VOIP Custom Music On HOld

There’s a steady buzz about switching from your old-fashioned PBX/KSU Telephone System to today’s feature rich VOIP phone systems, but there seems to an itsy-bitsy blind spot that most consumers and even VOIP providers forget about — On Hold Music!

On hold music is an important element to increasing caller retention and decreasing caller hang up rates. In addition, custom on hold music also sets the tone of the brand image of your company,  can be used to promote your products and services and inform callers of a variety of important details about your business.

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