Auto Attendant Recordings Are An Overlooked Touch Point!

Auto Attendant Recordings An Overlooked First Impression

Have you ever called a business, and hung up because the automated attendant system recordings were poor quality, too confusing or intricate? Better yet, have you ever called your own business to see exactly what the caller experience is like?

We’ve all heard the saying first impressions are everything. Well in business, that couldn’t be a more accurate statement. And, we’ve also often heard “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Again, in business, a very accurate statement!

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Branding Phone Menu Recordings For Customer Interactions

custom branded phone menu prompt recordings

These days you hear quite often about the importance of “brand consistency” across all channels, online, digital, social, etc.  – but what does your phone system menu prompts and automated greetings say about your brand? Are you paying any mind as to whether or not the telephone customer experience  properly reflects your brand’s image?  Well, if you’re not interested in growing your business? And don’t really want to offer an excellent customer experience? Cool. Just create a laborious, tedious, maze-like automated phone menu that leads callers absolutely nowhere, or at a minimum, tries their patience. Sadly, all of the above happens way too often, plenty of companies do it, and consumers are sick of it.

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Professional Auto Attendant Recording Best Practices Guide

Is your auto attendant making life easier for your customers?

A recent study from the Contact Center Association shows that 72% of consumers still prefer the telephone when contacting businesses. Yes, even in this hi-tech day in age, the good old-fashioned telephone is the preferred method of contacting a business. There are many business benefits associated with an auto attendant when designed properly. These can translate into improved customer satisfaction.

A well designed system with professional auto attendant recordings help to manage incoming calls. It also adds a professional touch to phone interactions. Unfortunately, many businesses use this tool the wrong way. This leads to mismanagement of a crucial customer touch point.

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