In Store Music Design: Client Case Study Furniture Retailer


In-Store Music Case Study: Affordable Furniture & Design

The experience for most people shopping at home furnishing stores is either: A) a cheap, fast, get-you out of the store feeling or B) boring and time consuming. But, when you shop at Affordable Furniture & Design it’s neither. It’s quite different, it’s actually fun and it’s not a like any home furnishing store you’ve seen.

Unlike traditional home furnishing stores, Affordable Furniture knows it’s all about the customer experience. That’s why you walk-inside the nearly 100,000- square foot store, you immediately smell fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies for you to grab and enjoy while browsing, but it doesn’t stop there. Customers also enjoy a pizza bar, ice-cream stand, IMAX movie theatre, interactive rides and kids gaming room. All of this is designed to keep families in the store and create a unique and enjoyable experience. However, one area of the customer experience that was lacking was their in-store music.

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HVAC On Hold Messages: Case Study

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HVAC On Hold Messages Case Study: Central Cooling & Heating Corp

Central Cooling & Heating is a family owned and operated company that has been serving their community since 1970. They pride themselves on customer service and a commitment to fairness, honesty, and ultimate customer satisfaction. They simply desire to be the very best heating & air conditioning contractor possible.

The Challenge:

They wanted to focus on inbound marketing opportunities to effectively support their other marketing efforts in order to gain new customers, increase sales and brand awareness as well as retain current customers.

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Veterinary Clinic On Hold Messages: Case Study


Veterinary Clinic On Hold Messaging: Case Study

There are many reasons to become a veterinarian, but having an easy job isn’t one of them. Veterinary practice owners face a number of challenges every day, especially the difficult tasks related to owning and operating a small business. With so much day-to-day work, it can be easy to lose sight of the techniques to develop a thriving veterinary practice. Increasing prices is most commonly used to try and increase profits, but in turn often back fires by alienating existing clients – the lifeblood of your practice! With more than 40,000 vet clinics in North America, pet owners certainly have lots of choices when it comes to their furry friends’ pet care needs.

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