The Complete Guide for Background Music At Your Business

The Complete Guide to Business Background Music

Most businesses play music.  But, there’s more to creating the right musical (and customer) experience than throwing together a few of your favorite tunes on a playlist.When opening a restaurant, bar, retail store, or other brick and mortar business, background music is an important piece of consideration. You need to be doing things legally, installing a high-quality audio system, and choosing the right type of music.

If you’ve been thinking about having background music in your business, this short guide will point you in the right direction for the essentials you need.

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In-Store Music & Messages Improve the Customer Experience

In-Store Music & Messages Improve The Customer Experience

Retailers, restaurants, hotels, salons, day spas and healthcare providers usually invest a lot of effort, and marketing dollars to present a positive customer environment by creating an engaging, comfortable, and unique atmosphere in their store, establishment or waiting room. But, there may be an element you forgot about. Have you considered what your customers hear while in your business?

Using in-store music and messaging when customers are in your store, puts you in control of their experience and environment, and can directly connect with and guide customers during their visit, increase sales and brand awareness.

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Best Practices Guide for Using In Store Business Music

Best Practices Guide For Using In Store Background Music

A lot of how we shop rests on how the store makes us feel, and how it enhances our self-perception. Music plays a big role in that,” says Laura Paquet (author of The Urge To Splurge) . So when it comes to changing up your background music playlist, as Lionel Ritchie sang — it’s time to party, karamu, fiesta, forever and the let the music play on!

A well-known global luxury retail brand client of ours updates their in-store music playlist every three months.  The strategy is to create just the right sound to set the tone or mood according to the changes in season, and lifestyle habits. After all, Do you wear the same clothes in January as you do in July? Of course not.

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