Can You Benefit from Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video?

Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video For a Better Customer Experience

You’ve likely seen in-store/waiting room video at businesses you visit, your competitors are incorporating it into their locations, and you’re probably wondering whether or not you should consider adding it to your overall marketing strategy?

In-Store/Waiting Room video is a combination of interactive media and marketing strategies customized to suit a broad range of needs for businesses, brands, and venues. It is commonly used as menu boards, point of purchase and interactive kiosks, and informational screens that educate, entertain, and engage customers, clients, and patients.

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Custom In-Store Video Prevents Playing Competitors Ads!

Waiting Room TV and In-Store Video

Is this a familiar situation in your waiting room, lobby or reception area?

A client, customer or patient arrives at your business, they’re seated in your lobby or waiting room, and treated to a comfortable surrounding with TVs for entertainment.

As they wait, they look around and see signs, displays, and promotions for your products and services. They are immersed in your business and about to form a solid relationship with your brand — and then  boom! A competitor’s commercial appears on the TV you provided your guests for their entertainment pleasure.

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3 Strategies to Improve the In-Store Customer Experience


It goes without saying that delivering high quality products and services coupled with creative marketing techniques are essential to having a successful business. But, in the modern day era in order to achieve sustainable growth, you need to focus on the customer experience and building strong customer loyalty.

It’s become clearer that you’re not just competing with the shops in your local community – you’re competing on a global level with every online business, thus businesses can no longer compete on price alone. Customers have more choices, and are seeking more personal connections with the brands they choose, so you need to create a competitive advantage and differentiation – a customer experience that keeps them coming back for more!

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