Creative Copywriting Adds Value to On Hold Messages

Good Custom On Hold Message Copywriting Has Real Value

The value of good on hold message copywriting can be hard to asses. It’s not a tangible thing, and often times you can’t really measure it. But its value goes way beyond just words on paper. Good copywriting can enhance your clients’ trust in your brand, it can compel them to take action, and it can also be persuasive for impulse buying.

Below are just a  few examples of how creative on hold message copywriting provides real value that you can’t always measure.

Sells Your Story

When it comes to attracting clients to your business, providing the quality products and services is not enough. Your customers need something more. After all, you’re probably not the only one in the business. And if your product is genuinely one of a kind, then you have to make your clients understand why they need.

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How to Keep Your On Hold Messages Sounding Irresistible!

How to Keep Your On Hold Messages Sounding Irresistible

When callers are placed on-hold at your brand, what impression do they get? Do you give them the cold shoulder with the silent treatment? Do they get annoying radio station static or perhaps vulgar content from radio dj’s? How about irritating funeral parlor music? When was the last time you called into your business to see for yourself  first hand what the telephone customer experience is like?

Even if your company uses an on hold message program rather than forcing callers to wait in dead-silence or radio station babble, we pose the same question: when was the last time you called in and actively listened to every phrase, every word with fresh ears, just like a first time caller would? … A month ago?  Six months ago? A year or longer? Perhaps never at all?

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5 Ways On Hold Messages Increase Sales For Businesses

5 Ways On Hold Messages Increase Sales for Businesses

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard countless times that, today’s marketing techniques are all about engagement. Businesses are focused on engaging customers through a variety of channels including mobile, online, digital and social. But, they seem to be ignoring, and failing miserably at one very critical customer engagement opportunity – the telephone!

You spend valuable marketing dollars engaging customers and prospects, so why let the engagement process come to a screeching halt simply because they’re placed on hold when they call?  Many businesses fail to use this connection as an opportunity to engage callers with targeted marketing messages to increase sales.

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