5 Remarkable Ways Real Estate Agent On Hold Messages Will Boost Your Image

Did you know that even the most effective real estate on-hold message may only directly result in a few extra sales per year? While that might not be quite the figures you were expecting, the fact of the matter is, that doesn’t really matter! Yes. You read correctly, I said “it doesn’t really matter”. While you might think I’m crazy, the reality is most real estate agents aren’t selling products or service — they’re selling themselves. They’re selling an impression of their personal brand image!

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How to Spruce Up Your Music On Hold Content and Sound Irresistible For The Spring Selling Season!

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For most of the country, it’s hard to believe that spring has officially arrived. With record breaking snowfall and blistery cold temperatures, not only did folks suffer from a terrible case of cabin fever, but old man winter also put a big damper on winter sales. However, baseball spring training is in full swing, many kids and families are enjoying spring break, and Easter is just around the corner. That means, it’s time for a little spring cleaning of your company’s music on hold conent to spruce things up, so your sales will be in full bloom during the spring selling season.

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How Do You Get Started With On Hold Message Advertising at Your Brand?


We receive lots on inquiries on a daily basis from prospective clients here at The Original On hold, and the most often asked question we hear is: “what is the process of implementing custom on hold messaging at our business?”  So, here are the ins and outs of what you need in order get started with professional on hold message marketing at your brand.

The first step in the process is actually the simplest of them all. Stop procrastinating and start realizing that on-hold time happens at your business! That’s right, everyday you go without a custom branded message on hold recording, you’re missing out on a chance at increased sales opportunities, or sales opportunities at all for that matter (you can’t serve a caller who hangs-up before speaking with them). Long or short, or whether your staff answers the phone quickly or not, none of that matters. There’s lots of daily occurrences at your business where a caller is asked to wait. For example, the receptionist needs to transfer a call to the appropriate person or department. Guess what? That caller goes on hold. You or your staff needs to check on available stock for an order or inquiry. You guessed it, that caller goes on-hold. Often times you may not be able to attend to the incoming caller as you’re already serving someone else. Here’s a familiar situation. A prospect or even existing customer rings to speak with you, and they get: “ He’s on another call at the moment.” Yup, that caller is going on-hold too.

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