Without On Hold Messages Car Dealers Lose 1 in 5 Callers!

auto dealer on hold messages

The auto dealership industry has enjoyed some pretty fruitful years as of late, and the good news is with low loan rates and cheap gasoline, auto sales will continue rising and the forecast for new-car sales remains very strong. CallSource, providers of award-winning solutions to help dealerships track, analyze and improve incoming call performance recently conducted a survey. The CallSource survey shows  that 89% of auto dealers report that inbound calls have increased, and 50% of those report an increase of inbound calls by nearly 20%. These are indeed some pretty impressive numbers.

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Holiday Marketing Checklist Guide to Achieve More Sales!

Holiday Marketing Checklist Guide For More Sales

While it may feel like it was just yesterday that we had that last hurrah of summer, and the kids just started back to school, the reality is the holidays are quickly on the horizon. The holiday season is a key revenue source for many businesses, so it’s time for businesses to ensure that their holiday marketing plans are in order to cash in on the biggest buying season of the year.

Our holiday marketing checklist guide includes tips on using different tools and campaigns broken down into three categories; on hold messaging, marketing videos and in-store music and audio messages to capitalize on available marketing opportunities this holiday season. You’ll want to have these planned out and in place well before the holidays arrive to help you reach your targeted audience and achieve more sales.

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On Hold Messaging – Service Plan vs Buy-Out Which Is Best?

On Hold Message Service Plan vs Buy-Out Which Is Best

So, you’ve been assigned the task to search for a custom on hold message for your company. You start out with some typical due diligence by first looking at a few websites, listening to some sample on hold messages, and even e-mail a handful-or-so of them for a quote for message on hold pricing. What you soon discover is you’re presented with two pretty standard options:

a) Service plan

b) Buy out option

So the $64,000 question is. Which is option best? Unlike some other providers, we offer clients both options. We are impartial as to which they choose. We do however, consult with them about their overall goals and objectives, other marketing strategies, etc., and will offer recommendations that will not only give them the best value, but the best bang for their marketing buck!

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