Using Dentistry On Hold Messaging To Market Your Dental Practice

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While dentists perform professional, specialized services, their practices are still small businesses with many of the same issues and challenges. You can be the best dentist in the word on a technical level, but people won’t just come walking in the door. Marketing is key to the success of any business, and marketing your dental practice is  no exception. In order for a dental practice to grow, you need to attract new patients as well as retain existing ones.

While an online search by consumers may be the beginning steps in searching for a dentist, on average, 70% to 80% prefer to make a call in order to schedule an appointment or ask for more information. Unfortunately, during busy periods, dentist offices have no choice but to place callers on hold, and when this happens, you cannot afford to lose a connection with patients. If the caller is forced to wait in dead-silence, they will hang up, and by the time your staff is able to return to help them, you find they’ve long been disconnected.

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Attorney On Hold Messages Win Over Prospective Clients

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Today, more and more attorneys are realizing that in order to maintain their continued success, they need to focus on marketing and business development in order to obtain new clients. In fact, according to The Bellwether Report 2014: Brave New World, 75% of attorneys surveyed see attracting new business as a significant challenge for their firm.

Most law firms attract new clients through their online presence, or through referrals the prospective client has received from family and friends. However, once your prospect has your contact information, the first thing they will do is call you in order to set-up an initial consultation. When someone needs an attorney, often their situations are urgent. If several minutes of dead-silence is what they get, odds are likely that they’ll hang up and call the next guy on the list. That’s why on hold messaging for attorneys is a simple marketing tool that can help grow your law practice.

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How To Properly Use On Hold Messaging For Your Business

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With all the studies and statistics about music on hold and message, there’s no doubt that using on hold messaging is an effective way to please your callers while waiting for you to answer their calls. Message on hold isn’t new, in fact you hear them almost daily at most successful businesses, but unfortunately many fail to use this targeted marketing technique properly.

Do you wear the same clothes in January as you do July? Isn’t your Halloween candy a bit stale by Thanksgiving? Customers’ needs and habits are always changing, and successful brands are the ones that are able to meet those changes.

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