Caller Abandonment: What Is It? What’s The Risk? How To Mitigate It?

caller abandonment, on hold messages

What is caller abandonment: Caller abandonment is just that- where a caller hangs up while on hold waiting for an agent. It’s probably safe to say that at some point, you’ve abandoned a call when faced with an excessive hold time, so if you’ve done it, then your customers and prospects are likely doing it too, and this causes you to lose customers, and negatively impacts your bottom! Most businesses rely on telephone calls as its revenue lifeline, and the more calls you get – the more likely you are to face increased hold times and, in turn, increased abandoned rates.

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7 Frequently Asked Questions About On Hold Messages

 On Hold Messages

1.How Much Do Custom On Hold Message Services Cost?

While we’re all budget-conscious, before we get into dollars and cents, and how much an on hold message service cost, the better question to ask is: “How much is it costing you by not having an on hold message? Now, this might seem like being a bit evasive about the answer, but it truly is the right question to be asking. What exactly do we mean? Well, let’s first look at the fact that you may be losing out on business, or leaving money on the table, simply because customers and prospects are unaware of the entire range of products/services you offer.

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Medical Office On Hold Messages and Music On Hold Strategies

medical office on hold message music

If you’re marketing your medical practice, every time that phone rings, you have paid for that ring to occur! However, once that phone rings, and you ask a patient to be put on hold, do you return to the line to find that they’re no longer there? This is an area many practices struggle with (or any business for that matter).

Here’s a scenario: A prospective new patient, or even an existing one for that matter calls your medical office and wants to make an appointment; your staff is extra busy with the new health care changes. There’s no doubt that you have a high probability of asking the caller to remain waiting on hold before you can serve them.

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