Can You Benefit from Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video?

Custom In-Store/Waiting Room Video For a Better Customer Experience

You’ve likely seen in-store/waiting room video at businesses you visit, your competitors are incorporating it into their locations, and you’re probably wondering whether or not you should consider adding it to your overall marketing strategy?

In-Store/Waiting Room video is a combination of interactive media and marketing strategies customized to suit a broad range of needs for businesses, brands, and venues. It is commonly used as menu boards, point of purchase and interactive kiosks, and informational screens that educate, entertain, and engage customers, clients, and patients.

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Insurance Agent Video Marketing Case Study

Insurance Agency Video Marketing Services


N&W Insurance and Financial Services is a full-service, locally owned and operated independent agency that has been helping all of California since 1950 with a variety of insurance products to individuals, families and small businesses throughout the country.


Independent agents are facing numerous challenges these days. First and foremost, the market is shrinking, especially for those in the health and life insurance field.  In order to offset this challenge, the company expanded their product offerings, but had not been able to find the right marketing program  that could meet their revenue expectations and ROI goals.

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Contractor Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Ideas

Contractor Video Marketing

Any type of contractor, whether it’s kitchen & bath remodeling,plumber, HVAC, landscaper or builder all know that in order for the job to turn out right, you have to have the right tools. So, then in order to build a successful contractor video marketing campaign, you must begin with the right tools. However in the day and age where the sophistication of web interactions is increasing it feels if contractor websites and marketing could be lulling behind.

So, with that said – here are our top tips, strategies and ideas to design and build a successful video marketing campaign for your contracting or home services business.

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