Custom In-Store Video Prevents Playing Competitors Ads!

Waiting Room TV and In-Store Video

Is this a familiar situation in your waiting room, lobby or reception area?

A client, customer or patient arrives at your business, they’re seated in your lobby or waiting room, and treated to a comfortable surrounding with TVs for entertainment.

As they wait, they look around and see signs, displays, and promotions for your products and services. They are immersed in your business and about to form a solid relationship with your brand — and then  boom! A competitor’s commercial appears on the TV you provided your guests for their entertainment pleasure.

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Case Study: Attorney Video Marketing The DUI Law Firm

Attorney & Law Firm Video Marketing

Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers is a leading DUI law firm specializing in DUI arrests. In fact their entire practice is dedicated to this specific area of law. The firm is made up of former DUI prosecutors and defense attorneys.

When it comes to legal matters, certainly there’s no shortage of attorneys. In order to try and separate themselves from the very crowded marketplace, Pennsylvania DUI Law Firm decided to try their hand at creating their own videos in-house in order to help grow their intake of new cases, and create brand awareness.

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4 Social Video Advertising Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Social Video Advertising Tips to Grow Your Brand

Any brand that’s not creating video and promoting it on social media is missing out on a huge opportunity – “social selling”.  Many of your competitors are already leveraging the power of social video advertising. A 2016 survey by the Web Marketing Video Council found that 61 percent of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. In the previous year, 66 percent of those businesses were not using video at all. It’s clear that companies are quickly recognizing the growing power of video.

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