Cost-Benefit Analysis of On Hold Messages: The Potential Reward is Far Greater Than the Risk

One of the known benefits of on hold messages is to market a brand’s expertise as well as to advertise the products and services it offers. It’s also a great tool to increase company sales and to attract more customers by providing them with a worthwhile experience while they’re being put on hold.  You see, placing callers on hold is risky-business! It’s a risk because a lost call, costs your business potential revenues.

Certainly On hold messages usually talk about your company or the products and services that you offer, or important announcements like product launches, recent achievements and upcoming trade shows and events are also put in a message on hold to keep your callers in the loop on the latest happenings of your company. Aside from that, on hold messaging keep callers entertained and prevents them from getting frustrated during the wait. In fact, callers are willing to wait up to 3 times longer when hearing an on hold message, thus giving you a chance to serve their needs, rather than lose the sale!

On hold Messages can do numerous wonders for your company. Here are just a few of the benefits of installing an on hold message on your telephone system:

1)    Letting the callers get to know more about your products and services.

On hold messages are definitely helpful in letting the customers as well as prospective ones of what you can offer. In addition, having the caller’s unwavering attention means that you can provide relevant information that will arouse their interest and curiosity. Who knows? They might buy something extra or avail your promo once you mentioned it in your on hold message.

2)    You can receive good impression from callers.

Your message on hold serves as your brand’s audio  image. If you put up a professional on hold messaging, you are giving your callers the impression that you are serious at what you’re doing and that you’re somebody they can rely on. With a top-notch on hold message, they’ll see you as highly-skilled and experts in the industry.

3)    Reduce the chances of callers hanging-up.

As we have mentioned, your on hold message will entertain your callers and keep them from getting angry and frustrated due to the seemingly long wait. However, with relevant information and some music on hold, it will help the callers focus their attention on your message on hold rather than the time they’ve waited for you on the other line. As a result, callers will less likely hang-up or drop the call.

In addition, on-hold statistics show that customers prefer music on hold & messages by 88% versus dead silence! On hold messages also keep callers on the line, in fact, callers are willing to wait up to 3 times longer when hearing an on hold message, thus giving you a chance to serve their needs, rather than lose the sale!

When an On hold message script is well-crafted, you’re guaranteed better customer relations,  improved caller retention, enhancing the caller experience and experience increased sales once you implement an on hold message that will not only sell your brand, but will also introduce your company into a better light.

If you’re thinking on hold advertising is an expense, rather than an investment, then think of it as a cost-benefit analysis. Is the potential reward greater than the risk? As far as we’re concerned, the reward of adding an on hold system to your telephone is far greater than the risk of losing a prospective customer due to dead-silence, because losing a prospective customer means lost revenues. Consider all the rewarding benefits of what an on hold message system can do for your business. Think about it?

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