Original On Hold Voted 2020 Top On Hold Messaging Service

Original On Hold Voted 2020 Top On Hold Messaging Service


On-Hold Messaging is gaining ground in the field of marketing, communication and the customer experience. It has emerged as one of the useful communication tools for businesses, especially in recent times as more and more customers are phoning businesses versus visiting them during the pandemic.

Original On Hold has been an industry leader for 30 years, and has also been recognized by Tech Radar Pro as one of  the top on hold messaging service providers who can record and provide the messages you need, both in terms of optimizing your customer engagement, while ensuring you project the professionalism you want.

Best on-hold messaging service of 2020

Original On Hold Voted 2020 Top On Hold Messaging Service


A customer calling your company probably has a technical problem or complaint that has already left them frustrated, so any on-hold message needs to not just state that the call is important, but express the sentiment as sincerely as possible. Additionally, on-hold messages can be tailored to support marketing activities for up-selling.

With affordable pricing options, a creative blend of copywriting, an easy-to-use online customer portal and more, it’s no wonder why Original On Hold is a featured pick for a provider who can do on-hold messaging the right way for you, whatever business you operate. 

Original On Hold Voted 2020 Top On Hold Messaging Service

“Original On-Hold services include provides skilled copy-writers to prepare your initial script, and  encourage businesses to keep their messages fresh and updated in order to cover the latest campaign and marketing messages. Clients can update recordings and request new voice overs via an online portal, as well as track the status of orders. They also offer a free trial for their services”.


Final Thoughts…

Still sitting on the fence? Original On Hold has been serving brands globally for the past 30 years. We invite you to take us for a test drive and see our creative juices first hand!!!

Get started with our 100% risk-free custom on hold demo trial offer. In 3 days or less, we’ll script it, produce it, and you get to audition a complete production. If you love what you hear (which we’re confident you will) simply choose the plan or package that’s right for you. Try before you buy!!!

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