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Hosted VoIP, IPBX, analog, digital, oh my! The telephone isn’t simply a telephone any more. Whether you’re using a sophisticated business phone system, or just standard 2 to 4 line telephones, we feature industry leading message on hold equipment and music on hold adapters. From digital mp3 on-hold players, to internet delivery on hold media players for a totally hands-free solution, we make it easy to add our on hold messaging services to your marketing mix!

Got VoIP? No problem! We've got you covered there too.

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  • PBX/Key Systems
  • 2-4 Line Phones
  • VoIP Phones

Do you have a business telephone system?

PBX/Key Systems A PBX or Key system is a telephone system that brings wires from all phone extensions in the building to one central control box. Some popular PBX or Key phone brands include NEC, Avaya, Mitel, Toshiba and Nortel (Norstar Meridian).

If you have a business telephone system you only need our on hold media player in order to get on hold messaging.

On hold messaging for PBX/Key Systems
Our digital media on hold players are just plug and play! Yes, it really is that simple!  All you have to do is plug the included audio cable to into your phone system’s music on hold audio input jack. Our message plan media players also plug into your internet connection for hands-free, automatic message updates. Our on hold media players also auto-restart after a power outage - giving you one less thing to worry about.

Do you use ordinary 2 or 4-line telephones?
No problem. We’ve got a Solution!

2-4 Line Phones If you aren't using a phone "system" but simply plugging a 2 or 4 line phone (like Panasonic, AT&T, RCA and other smaller office phones) directly to a phone company jack, you’ll likely need our music on hold adapter. We have an on hold solution for almost any standard telephone.

What does a music on hold adapter do, and why do you need it?

On Hold Messaging for 2-4 line phones
Unlike big expensive telephone systems, ordinary 2-line and 4-line aren’t music on hold ready. In layman terms, there’s no place to connect a message on hold player. The on hold adapter allows you to connect our message on hold media player, to easily add our custom music and messages on hold.

The music on hold adapters we offer are made to work with specific phone brands and models.

Using a VoIP, cloud, hosted or offsite PBX phone system? No problem. We’ve got an on hold message solution for that too.

Cloud-based telephone for businessesVoIP phone systems (also called "virtual" or "IP"), are cloud-based, or offsite digital phones. Some popular brands include 3CX, Allworx, Avaya, Cisco, Onsip, Comcast, Ring Central, 8X8, Vonage Business and Virtual PBX.
VoIP Recordings
Unlike traditional phone systems, music on hold for VoIP hosted PBX and IPBX phone systems don’t require external on hold players. On-hold recordings are uploaded and played from your server or host provider. While everyone knows what an mp3 file is, these systems require on-hold audio files be in specific compatible formats. No need to worry! The Original On Hold, Inc. can provide whatever audio file format you require.

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Andre Guerrero, Ocean's Prime Steakhouse
Andre Guerrero
Ocean's Prime Steakhouse
"The Original On Hold made the process of adding on-hold advertising and in-store music and messaging a breeze! Always a great finished product and excellent service."
Dr. Stacey Albers, Vision Care Centers
Dr. Stacey Albers
Vision Care Centers
"Fantastic! Our centers were very impressed with the quality and creativity of your staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking to increase the professionalism of their business."
Bryan Davis, First University Credit Union
Bryan Davis
First University Credit Union
"I have to say we are very impressed with the customer service your company has shown on so many levels. Thank you for your attentive and prompt service."

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